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We are strong believers in sustainable manufacturing 

and we are the only polymer recycling plant in Namibia

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Our strategy is to put the planet first in all aspects.  Increasingly scares natural resources and expensive landfill space, are making recycling ever more important.  At the end of their service life, plastics are much to valuable a resource to simply be thrown away.  Plastic can be recycled back into its original form, decreasing the carbon footprint on the environment.


We currently recycle approximately 200 tons of plastic per month.


At NPR, we continue to strive towards product excellence. We have positioned our self to be a leader in recycled, raw material manufacturing of polymers in Namibia.


We sort the post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste into its correct polymer classification and colours, we reduce the size, we clean and sort the materials and thereafter process the materials into a format that can be directly fed into the converter equipment.  Thereafter the material is pelletized.


At Namibia Polymer Recyclers, we passionately have the same vision as the Plastic Packaging Group for recycling of responsibly produced plastic by following the 5 R principal: -

·Responsible disposal of plastic

·Reduce the amount of waste created in the first place



·Recover – converting waste into resources, such as electricity, fuel. etc.

Johan Oosthuizen



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