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We are strong believers in sustainable manufacturing 

and we are the only polymer recycling plant in Namibia



Our recycling plant was established in 2008, a first for Namibia.  The plant was initially only intended to recycle our own in-house waste generated during our manufacturing process.

After some years, the need for recycling dump-site plastic waste was appreciated and we decided to step into that space and buy this waste from collectors to recycle.

Although recycling was purely done for Plastic Packaging's own benefit and purpose, we have since expanded to recycle post-consumer waste to service a variety of customers,  both locally and internationally such as:-

We sort the post-consumer and post-industrial waste into its correct polymer classification and colors, we reduce the size, we clean and sort the materials and thereafter process the materials into a format that can be directly fed into the converter equipment where after it is pelletized.

All manufacturing processes are focused to be efficient, environmental friendly and are monitored daily to ensure swift corrective actions.

We have commissioned an inhouse laboratory, where we test certain elements for constant quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Plastic Packaging is the only manufacturer in Namibia that recycles its own products in Namibia.


Namibia Polymer Recyclers is the only recycling plant of its kind in Namibia and by expanding waste buy-back centers through partnership with local waste collecting companies, our company has a vision of zero plastic waste in Namibia.

At Namibia Polymer Recyclers we have a strong believe that at the end of its service life, plastics are much to valuable a resource to simply be thrown away.

We have proven that plastics can be recycled back into its original form and therefore decreasing the carbon footprint plastic manufacturing has on the environment.



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