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Manufacturers of infrastructural irrigation solutions for Namibia

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As a member of the Plastic Packaging group of companies and operating under the name Namibia Plastic Converters (NPC), we are proud to state our contribution as an economic developer by providing solutions to our country's unique infra-structural network of water mains, irrigation, sewer and drain systems.

Our commitment to constantly provide newly developed products, services, and technology, makes us a preferred supplier to most of the leading merchants, farmers and developers in Namibia.  Major contracts throughout Namibia are testimony to our success in providing quality products and services.

Our fleet of 5 trucks ensures our clients timeous deliveries to all corners of Namibia.

​We have a PVC extrusion line that enables us to produce PVC pipe up to 315mm.  This is a first for the group as well as for Namibia.

Namibia currently imports all PVC pipes above 200mm from South Africa or Botswana.  And now it is manufactured right here in Namibia.

​Looking after the environment, NPC added solar solutions to their factory roof and is generating 250KVa to assist with the electricity demand.  This coupled with our closed loop water system used in the factory enables us to avoid unnecessary demand on resources.

Our close ties with Namibia Polymer Recyclers, also a member of Plastic Packaging group of companies, enables a continuous supply of recycled pipe material being used in all our AGRO Poly ranges and this ensures that we reduce, re use and recycle.

​NPC offers a Namibian solution to all infrastructural irrigation needs and we turn your problem into an opportunity.

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