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We offer complete packaging solutions for every market segment in Namibia



Plastic Packaging (Pty) Ltd offers complete packaging solutions to all market segments.  

We manufacture and we source packaging products for all market segments in Namibia. Our effective leadership have grown us to be the market leader in the range of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE plastic products, all manufactured in Namibia and complying to all Namibian and international regulations on responsible plastic manufacturing.


Our passion for packaging has extended our packaging solutions to various forms of packaging solutions, specifically designed for each consumers needs.


Under the current and previous generation leadership, our company expanded from a one branch operation in Windhoek to a multinational company.


Our leadership mentors and facilitates on the Namibia Manufacturing Association, as well as having active involvement at Team Namibia and the Recycle Namibia Forum, all of which we were founder members of.


Our Board of Directors are prominent leaders and businesspeople in Namibia. The company is 100% Namibian owned and employs 100% Namibians in Namibia.


We are proud to not only distribute our products in Namibia, but also to neighboring SADC countries. Plastic Packaging is proud to be a wholly owned Namibian company.


We currently employ 100% Namibian citizens, of which 89% is of previously racially disadvantaged groups and we actively encourage labour driven manufacturing above mechanization.


• Factory & head-office, Windhoek

• Distribution warehouse, Lafrenz Industrial, Windhoek

• Plastic recycling plant, Okahandja

• Pipe factory, Okahandja

• Eight branches

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