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We offer complete packaging solutions for every market segment in Angola


Huila Packaging

During the late 1990's the Plastic Packaging group expanded its client base to Angola and recruited prominent clients in the Industrial, Fishing & Retail markets of Angola.

Originally these clients were serviced and supplied by road directly from Plastic Packaging in Windhoek.  But in 2002 the Board of Directors decided on a strategic expansion and established a subsidiary in Angola from where these clients can be better served.

Thus, Ango Plasticos Lda was established in June 2003 with the head office in Lubango, Southern Angola.


By 2012 sales on imported packaging material has grown to such an extent that Plastic packaging management decided to invest in a manufacturing plant in the Huila Province.  Huila Packaging was formed to manufacture polyethylene films and bags and has a current capacity of 120 tons per month.


The main products the factory produce are shrink-film, various retail and industrial polyethylene bags, black agricultural sheeting and plant bags as well as shopping bags.


Polystyrene food trays, PVC food-film and pallet wrap are amongst other products imported from Namibia and offered at all the branches in Angola.

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