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We offer complete packaging solutions for every market segment in Angola



During the late 1990's the Plastic Packaging Group expanded its client base to Angola and recruited prominent clients in the industrial, fishing and retail markets in Angola.  Originally these clients were serviced and supplied by road directly from Plastic Packaging Windhoek.  In 2002 the Board of Directors of the Plastic Packaging Group decided on a strategic expansion and established a subsidiary in Angola from where these clients can be better served.  Thus, Ango Plasticos Lda was established in June 2003 with the Head Office in Lubango, Southern Angola.

Ango Plasticos developed to become a major player in the packaging industry in Angola.  near the town of Lubango (Humpata Municipality) Ango Plasticos bought an 18,000 m² plot of land where a 1,100m² warehouse was erected from where all distribution and sales throughout Angola were coordinated.  In adition to the head office a major storage facility near Lubango, Ango Plasticos now also sells and distributes from four regional branch offices.  All branches consist of a warehouse and a retail outlet where clients can visit and purchase their packaging requirements in a retail environment.  Furthermore, a dedicated sales team promote sales with all possible clients in the geographical area of the branch. 

The three branches are situated in the following areas:-


Covering the provinces of Huila, Namibe & Cunene


Covering the provinces of Benguela and Kwanza Sul


Covering the province of Luanda

By 2012 sales on imported packaging material has grown to such an extent that Plastic Packaging management decided to invest in a manufacturing plant in Huila Province.  Huila Packaging was formed to manufacture polyethylene films and bags and has a current capacity of 120 tons per month.

The main products the factory producer are shrink-film, various retail and industrial polyethylene bags, black agricultural sheeting and plant bags as well as shopping bags.  Polystyrene food trays, PVC food-film and pallet-wrap are amongst other products imported from Namibia and offered at all the branches in Angola.

Currently the group employs 53 Angolans and 1 Namibian citizen. 

The management consist of Mr Strydom Nel  (Group Sales Director), Ms. Nina Simao Deysel (Administrative Director), Ms. Sonia Perestrelo (Financial Manager), Mr Helgaardt Deysel (General  Manager) and Mr Lazarus Nambinga (Factory Manager)

Each regional branch office has its own manager with a well-trained team for sales, administration, logistics and customer support services.

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